Gallery of Serigraphs Printed 1973 - 1999
Gallery of Serigraphs Printed 1973 - 1999
Dad, do you think the carollers will come tonight?

Will these flowers be back next year?

What is the name of this town?

How come we don't have time to do Easter eggs?

Rex, don't scare the partridge


From up there, how far will we be able to see?

Do you think we will ever run out of wood?

This tree is bigger than last year's

Carpathian suite: Transcarpathian village

Carpathian suite: What is the name of this village?

Carpathian suite: It must be very quiet there

Carpathian suite: Do they still build churches like this?

Are these sunflower seeds salted?

Will fourteen loads of wood be enough?

Next time it will be my turn on the pile

Are the clothes dry yet?

There still are some leaves on the trees

You will like our play the best

Will Santa Claus have presents for all the children?

How long will we be remembered?

I think everyone will be at the concert

I sure wish there were more Saturday's

If there are enough eggs, Mom will bake a birthday cake for me

Gallery of Serigraphs Printed 1973 - 1999
What was this machine used for?

Those were hard but happy times

Rex, there isn't enough room for you

Dad said we can go for the next load

When will the pickles be ready?

Mom is baking bread today

My feet are getting cold

The boys should be coming home soon

Is this nest empty?

Does this mountain have a name?

When are the boys coming home?

This snow will probably stay

Is there enough snow for tobogganing?

Tell us about Baba and Dido's wedding

Weddings of our pioneers were a link with the old country

Home of S. Stephansson

We should go past the trees

Is summer almost over?

Am I bigger now Dido?

I think spring is finally here

A lone reminder of the pioneers is sheepskin coats

I wonder how many children have played on this swing

We will not stop if you fall off again

Who is going to help Dad in the barn?

Gallery of Serigraphs Printed 1973 - 1999
If our ice patch was just a bit larger

What does the doctor have in his black bag?

Dad is also bringing some hay to place under the table

I don't want to be goalie anymore

Now this race is for the championship

See if you can stop this shot

I wonder who lived there

Baba said we can grow these in our garden

I think I know where this church is

It may be sunny but it's cold

Who else is coming?

Did every girl learn to embroider?

I wonder what this salesman has in his heavy case

Do you think we will be able to stay and visit after church?

Space available

Hornby Island spring

Are these seeds ready to eat?

Sunshine in a vase

The colours have not faded