Gallery of Serigraphs Printed 1973 - 1999
Dad, do you think the carollers will come tonight?

Will these flowers be back next year?

What is the name of this town?

How come we don't have time to do Easter eggs?

Rex, don't scare the partridge


From up there, how far will we be able to see?

Do you think we will ever run out of wood?

This tree is bigger than last year's

Carpathian suite: Transcarpathian village

Carpathian suite: What is the name of this village?

Carpathian suite: It must be very quiet there

Carpathian suite: Do they still build churches like this?

Are these sunflower seeds salted?

Will fourteen loads of wood be enough?

Next time it will be my turn on the pile

Are the clothes dry yet?

There still are some leaves on the trees

You will like our play the best

Will Santa Claus have presents for all the children?

How long will we be remembered?

I think everyone will be at the concert

I sure wish there were more Saturday's

If there are enough eggs, Mom will bake a birthday cake for me