Books by Peter Shostak - For Our Children

For Our Children


FOR OUR CHILDREN is a commemoration of early Ukrainian pioneer settlement in Western Canada. Well-known Canadian artist, Peter Shostak, devoted almost five years of painting to visually depict the experiences of these hardy people. The artist's Ukrainian heritage has led him from theme to theme as he tells the story of rural life in Canada between 1891 and 1918. Although the entire series of paintings is based upon Ukrainian settlers, the experiences were common to all ethnic groups who homesteaded in Canada.

Some of the illustrated themes in the book include: initial reaction of immigrants to life in Canada, travelling to the homestead, building the first shelter, living off the land, building a school, coping with illness and quarantine, and assimilation.

The text for this publication has been selected primarily from previously published firsthand accounts related by the pioneers. ISBN 0-9691180-3-1, $65.00 cl, 11 x 12, 176pp, full-colour throughout, 1991