Books by Peter Shostak - Prairie Born

Prairie Born

In PRAIRIE BORN award-winning author Dave Bouchard has teamed up with well-known artist Peter Shostak to once again explore in verse and image the prairie experience that is so cherished in the memories of countless North Americans.

PRAIRIE BORN focuses on the passing of the seasons - spring, summer, fall and winter - and their effect on the people and the landscape. Dave Bouchard's evocative text summons images that will be familiar to everyone with "the prairie in their blood." Peter Shostak's stunning paintings vividly evoke the essence of the prairie experience - hockey on a frozen pond, golden wheatfields beneath an enormous blue sky, long days of work under a blazing summer sun. This is a book that will stir warm memories for all those "prairie born," no matter where they find themselves.

No longer available - out of print